• 3/8 inch rock
  • 3/8 inch rock

Gravel, Rock and Sand

3/8 inch rock

Applications: Primarily used for:
Drainage: Creates gaps between stones that allow water to infiltrate the soil, preventing pooling and runoff.
Erosion control: Forms a protective layer that reduces the impact of water and wind on soil particles, preventing erosion.
Walkways and driveways: Provides a stable, low-maintenance surface for foot and vehicle traffic.
Decorative landscaping: Offers a natural aesthetic appeal in gardens, around trees, and in water features.
Excellent drainage: Due to its small size, allows water to easily pass through, minimizing surface puddles and improving soil drainage.
Suitable for various applications due to its size and drainage properties.
Weed suppression: Helps control weeds by blocking sunlight and creating a physical barrier.
Low maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance compared to other landscaping materials.
Durable: Long-lasting and resistant to weathering and wear.

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