• 50/50 Soil
  • 50/50 Soil

Soil and Compost

50/50 Soil

Composition: A blend containing equal parts (50% each) of two primary components:
Screened Topsoil: The uppermost layer of natural soil, rich in organic matter and nutrients essential for plant growth.
Compost: Decomposed organic matter that provides nutrients, improves soil structure and drainage, and promotes beneficial microbial activity.
Applications: Commonly used in:
Raised garden beds: Offers improved drainage, fertility, and moisture retention compared to native soil.
Planting in containers: Provides a balanced and nutritious blend for potted plants.
Amending existing soil: Can improve the quality of clay-heavy or nutrient-deficient soil.
Balanced texture: Combines the drainage of topsoil with the moisture retention of compost, creating a well-draining yet water-holding medium.
Nutrient-rich: Provides readily available nutrients for plant growth, reducing the need for frequent fertilization.
Improved soil structure: Compost enhances drainage and aeration, promoting healthy root development.
Supports microbial life: Beneficial microbes from compost can improve soil health and nutrient cycling.
Versatile: Suitable for various gardening applications.
Convenient: Ready-to-use blend eliminates the need for mixing individual components.
Improves plant growth: Provides optimal conditions for healthy root development and nutrient uptake.
Sustainable: Compost component recycles organic waste and promotes soil health.

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