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Bioretention Soil

Composition: Bioretention soil is not a single product but rather an engineered mix designed to mimic the natural soil profile and function optimally in bioretention systems. These systems are landscaped features like rain gardens or bioswales that capture, filter, and infiltrate stormwater runoff.
Key components: Typical bioretention soil mixes combine:
Sand: Provides good drainage and prevents compaction.
Compost: Improves soil structure, water retention, and adds nutrients.
Soil: Provides a base and additional nutrients.
Other amendments: Depending on specific needs, the mix may include perlite for aeration, crushed rock for drainage layers, or specific organic matter sources for targeted nutrient profiles.
High infiltration rate: Allows stormwater to quickly enter the soil, preventing surface ponding and flooding.
Filtration: Removes pollutants like sediments, nutrients, and metals from runoff through physical, chemical, and biological processes.
Moisture retention: Holds water for plant growth and gradual release back into the ground.
Supports healthy plants: The soil mix nourishes plants adapted to moist conditions and helps filter runoff while providing aesthetic benefits.
Sustainable stormwater management: Reduces reliance on traditional drainage systems and helps manage urban flooding.
Water quality improvement: Filters pollutants from runoff, protecting streams and rivers.
Habitat creation: Provides a habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators.
Aesthetics: Enhances landscapes with attractive planting.

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